The Rocket Book  -  All about Water Rockets / Pop Bottle Rockets  -  from AntiGravity Research CorporationMake sure to download our free Rocket Book, whether you buy one of our rockets or not.  It’s chock-full of Water Rocket / Pop Bottle Rocket ideas, experience, brochures, assembly and flying instructions, troubleshooting and safety information and much more.

It comes as a PDF file, so you can get it instantly instead of having to wait for shipping.  You can view the whole thing on your computer or print it so you can take it out to the field with you.  Usually, you just print out the assembly instructions for the rocket that you have.

View / Save / Download the free Rocket Book

The file is about 42 megabytes and it may take a few minutes to download.  When it shows up in your browser, save it to your computer by clicking File/Save As so you don’t have to download it every time you want to see it.