About Antigravity Research Corporation

AntiGravity Research Corporation is a small company situated in the foothills of the North Cascade Mountains, Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada.  We’ve been designing and manufacturing water rockets / pop bottle rockets since the year 2000, and shipping them all over the world.  We make all of the rockets and parts ourselves, with our own automated machines, which we also designed and built right here at our factory.

At AntiGravity Research Corporation, rockets are the smallest part of what we do.

In this day and age, when so much of the real, fulfilling and satisfying part of our lives has been pushed aside and replaced with cold, distant and impersonal computerized communications, smart phones, text messaging and big-screen television, we all need something that can re-introduce the magic of enjoyable, positive activities that we can do face to face with real people.

And so many of us, as we grow older and take on an ever-increasing load of responsibility, gradually cease to dream of the future great accomplishments that we once held dear.  Almost imperceptibly, our dreams disappear and are replaced with a predictable, secure and often boring existence based on money, power, status and possessions.

In our own small way, we at AntiGravity would like to help people regain their dreams.  With each rocket that lifts off, defying gravity every inch of  the way, rising high into the sky to an apogee of triumph, we see that what once seemed impossible is quite attainable, and that an entire universe of opportunity is well within our reach.

We sincerely hope that what you get from us is much more than just a rocket.