Choosing and Preparing Your Rocket Bottle


Unless you have bottles that came with your rocket from AntiGravity, you’ll need to select and prepare a bottle from your recycling bin. The very best bottle to use is a 2-liter plastic pop bottle that previously held fizzy pop. This type of bottle is very good at holding the pressure that your rocket will need. Never use glass bottles, … Read More

Homemade Rocket Troubleshooting & Maintenance

Homemade Rocket Troubleshooting & MaintenanceRocket loses a fin on impact with the ground: Using your low-temperature hot-melt glue gun, just glue it on again and you're back in business! Rocket releases too early and doesn't fly high enough: Push the cork in much farther! The farther you push the cork in, the higher your rocket will fly! But don't push ... Read More

Building a Homemade Water Rocket Launcher


This is a plastic cork that is designed to fit snugly into the mouth of a 2-liter plastic pop bottle. It will be the nozzle release mechanism for the launcher. Use the screwdriver to poke a hole lengthwise right through the cork. The shaft of the screwdriver should be as wide or wider than your polyethylene tubing diameter. Be very … Read More

Water Rocket Launcher: Launching Your Homemade Water Rocket


Now that you’ve completed lesson 1 (building your water rocket) and lesson 2 (building your launcher) it’s time to send your rocket into the sky! This is definitely the most exciting part of the project! This is definitely the most exciting part of the project. To build something yourself and then send it flying into the sky is a real … Read More

Water Rocket Experiments You Can Do With Your Homemade Water Rocket


What difference does the amount of water you put in the rocket make? You will need a way of measuring the effect. One way to do this is to use your watch to time the number of seconds that the rocket is in the air. First, try launching your rocket without any water in it. Try subsequent launches with 100 … Read More