AntiGravity Rockets vs Homemade Rocket


If you’re in a time pinch and need a Pop Bottle Rocket today, it’s nice to be able to get something impressive flying that’s easy to make, without having to wait for it to be delivered. We’re happy if the homemade rocket lessons on the website can help you. Or if you are the self-determined creative type that has to … Read More

Why do AntiGravity Water Rockets Fly Higher?

Pop Bottle Rocket

Whether you’re making your own  water rocket using our DIY homemade rockets, or have purchased one of our professional home-use rockets, you’ll find that our designs offer you the ability to really fly high. Why? Why do these designs fly so incredibly high? The best way to understand why our water rocket designs work so well, is to take a … Read More

How Does a Water Rocket Work? Get Ready To Learn!

Aerial photo taken with camera atop AntiGravity's Payload Rocket
"Where does the rocket’s super power come from?"When you pump your bicycle air pump fifty times, the work that you do is being stored inside the pop bottle as compressed air. Air is very springy and when it gets a chance, it bounces back to its original volume. The only way it can do that is to come rushing out ... Read More

Water Rocket Safety

How Can You Use Your Water Rocket Safely?Although AntiGravity water rockets are made to be as safe as possible to use, there are some very important rules you will need to follow for the safety of yourself and others. Most of these rules are just common sense, but nonetheless it is important to keep these in mind as you use ... Read More