Comments: AntiGravity Water Rockets

Before you buy your first water rocket kit, it can be useful to read comments made by others that already have experience with AntiGravity’s rockets.  Here are categorized excerpts from emails received at AntiGravity about our pop bottle rocket kits. Edited for brevity and clarity, they retain the sense and meaning of the original.  We at AntiGravity are always trying to … Read More

Homemade Water Rocket and Launcher You can Build


This rocket building series includes all you need to know to make a homemade water rocket and launcher from scratch with limited supplies.  As you progress through this project, you can always refer back to this list of lessons for reminders and review. Following our very simple process should lead to a uniquely satisfying rocket experience. First we’ll guide you through choosing … Read More

Choosing and Preparing Your Rocket Bottle


Unless you have bottles that came with your rocket from AntiGravity, you’ll need to select and prepare a bottle from your recycling bin. The very best bottle to use is a 2-liter plastic pop bottle that previously held fizzy pop. This type of bottle is very good at holding the pressure that your rocket will need. Never use glass bottles, … Read More

Homemade Rocket Troubleshooting & Maintenance

Homemade Rocket Troubleshooting & MaintenanceRocket loses a fin on impact with the ground: Using your low-temperature hot-melt glue gun, just glue it on again and you're back in business! Rocket releases too early and doesn't fly high enough: Push the cork in much farther! The farther you push the cork in, the higher your rocket will fly! But don't push ... Read More

Water Rocket Safety

How Can You Use Your Water Rocket Safely?Although AntiGravity water rockets are made to be as safe as possible to use, there are some very important rules you will need to follow for the safety of yourself and others. Most of these rules are just common sense, but nonetheless it is important to keep these in mind as you use ... Read More

Building the Rocket

This rocket design is so simple and easy to make that it’ll be all done in no time flat, or less! Use the pen to mark the outline of the three fins on the coroplast or corrugated cardboard. Each fin is 4 inches wide and 6 inches long. Make sure the corrugations run along the 6 inch length of each … Read More