Comments: AntiGravity Water Rockets

Before you buy your first water rocket kit, it can be useful to read comments made by others that already have experience with AntiGravity’s rockets.  Here are categorized excerpts from emails received at AntiGravity about our pop bottle rocket kits. Edited for brevity and clarity, they retain the sense and meaning of the original.  We at AntiGravity are always trying to improve our products, and would be pleased if you would send us your own comments, criticisms and suggestions.

Water rockets: AntiGravity users’ actual feedback –

“There are some real innovations in the rocket worth a close look for rocket builders…”

“Very well thought out toy, all the way around!”

“Nice to see another fine product from a Canadian company.”

“I love it. I hope Antigravity Research is around for a long time. We can learn things from them.”

“I’ve never seen a 2 liter bottle get up there like that before!”

“Performance to really raise eyebrows…”

“We all had great fun with your rocket yesterday in the cul-de-sac. The kids loved it.”

“I bought one of your rockets not too long ago, and my six and eight-year-old and I had a blast! We loved it!”

“I just wanted to publicly announce how enormously impressed with it I am!”

“I think you have a great product.”

“Your water rockets look really great.”

“I’m quite happy with it.”

SkyLab Kit
“I ordered your basic rocket kit, and I just wanted you to know how pleased I am with it. With your kit, I achieved far better results than I did with my sad launchers. I encourage you to spread the word. There are thousands of kids and grown ups who would love one of these, if they knew it existed.”
High Altitude Pro Edition Kit
“Man! did that Go! Rotates! Really gets up there!”
2-Stage Rocket Kit
“It was great! Perfect stage separation, and the 2nd stage really zoomed up there.”

“I dare to say we were Very impressed! And the 2nd stage release worked flawlessly!”

“This time the rocket looked like it exploded on impact: all the parts that make up the cylindrical fin flew off in different directions. Kinda cool, actually. But nothing broke at all.”

“And it’s simple to assemble and easy to work with so you can actually play with it, without having to locate or import tubes of obscure industrial adhesives.”

“Putting it together has been an enormously satisfying experience. It is by far the best commercial water rocket toy I’ve ever seen.”

“There are some truly excellent design touches: the way the entire thing goes together with rubber bands, but is structurally sound. The way the three fins just ‘snap’ on to a bottle without any other attachment: no tape, no glue. Really good informed design shows all over the thing.”

“A five-year-old can carry the launcher in their back pocket and set it up.”

“The parts are well made. They are willing to supply all the cool little parts without you having to buy the whole water rocket kit. This allows us builders to utilize whatever we wish.”

“Fins sometimes popped off as a set on impact but survived doing this 25 or more times very well.”

“The AntiGravity rocket held together very well. Fins survived 25 + launches…”