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The SkyLab is the water rocket that set the standard. If you want to learn how to build and fly water rockets, get this one.


This product comes with the entire kit:
  • Skylab bottle kit (and all that entails)
  • rocket pump
  • rocket launcher

If you already have a pump or launcher, you can remove those options below for a discount.down-arrow-tiny

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Product Description

The SkyLab is the water rocket that set the standard. If you want to learn how to build and fly water rockets, get this one.
Study it. Examine the fin materials. See first-hand the impact-absorbing reusable mechanical connections. Learn how it triumphs over aerodynamics that slow other rockets down.
See how the guide rod and tube keep your rocket pointed up until it is stable. Experience the ease with which this well-designed system goes together. Marvel at the world’s simplest and best launcher.
It’ll inspire you to go beyond what you ever thought possible, to invent, to innovate, to create, to triumph over the impossible.
…or, you could just have plain old fun with it!

Three Ways to Buy:

The nine different types of rockets that we make are each available in three different kit forms.

1.  Everything included:  the rocket and launcher, rocket air pump and all the plastic bottles you’ll need.  There’s even a bottle to carry the rocket water in when you head out to the field.  You save money on the package deal.  You’ll find these on the first page of our online store.

2.  Rocket and launcher only:  you’ll have to use your own bicycle air pump and plastic 2-liter pop bottle.  A lot of our customers have these already and don’t need to buy new ones.  All of our Multistage and Extreme series rockets include the booster bottle(s) and stretched bottle(s).  You’ll find these on the second page of our online store.

3.  Rocket only without launcher, bulk packaged:  if you are buying rockets for a large group, you can save money by ordering a few launchers and lots of rockets.  Instead of each kit being individually boxed, they are all in the same box.  All the fins are together, all the launchers are together, all the nozzles are together etc.  During your rocket event, each participant can get the parts they need for their own rocket.  These are on page three of the online store.

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