Homemade Water Rocket and Launcher You can Build


This rocket building series includes all you need to know to make a homemade water rocket and launcher from scratch with limited supplies.  As you progress through this project, you can always refer back to this list of lessons for reminders and review.

Following our very simple process should lead to a uniquely satisfying rocket experience.

First we’ll guide you through choosing the bottle, then making the rocket, then the launcher, and then the launch itself. And we won’t stop there! There are also sections on rocket experiments, troubleshooting, and a very revealing comparison to our AntiGravity Rockets!

Once you’ve completed all these lessons, you’ll be much closer to being a rocket scientist than you’ve ever been before!

Here’s a photo of one of our rocket scientists testing out the homemade rocket, followed by a video of the same!

Launching our water bottle rocket

Here is a quick 6-second video showing a launch from our completed homemade water rocket. Look at how high it flies!

Why Build This Water Bottle Rocket?

While searching through the internet, you’ve probably found instructions to make a rocket from NASA, instructables.com, wikihow.com, aircommandrockets.com, or many other places.

We’ve looked through these instructions extensively, and noticed a glaring flaw that stands in the way of the beginner rocket engineer (or even an advanced one):

They’re excessively complicated.

To build a rocket launcher, they require you to get a minimum of 22 parts – just for a launcher! How many pieces do you need to put together this homemade water rocket launcher?

  • a cork
  • a tube
  • some masking tape

“Oh wait, that doesn’t sound quite right – that’s only 3 pieces!” But it is right. Not only that, our results are stellar (see our rocket launch video above).

At AntiGravity, we try to do things very simply and efficiently. So our rockets use the same simple design philosophy that we put into our launcher designs.

If you’re looking to build a simple rocket that’s fun to watch as it soars into the sky, and that you can build in under 2 hours (and in half an hour once you’ve already built one), then try building AntiGravity’s homemade rocket design.

We hope you don’t mind if we show you some links to AntiGravity products along the way. It’s great to use a cork for your homemade rocket – but if you want a professional nozzle instead of a cork, you can order a rocket (with launcher!) from us.

And it will probably cost you less than building this homemade rocket!

For example, if you hate building rockets yourself, then you’ll love this next advertisement coming up!

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Let’s Get Started! Lesson #1: Choosing and Preparing the Rocket Bottle