Extreme Screamer


The Extreme Screamer doesn’t actually scream.  It’s you who will be screaming…with delight when you see how high this technical marvel flies.

Note: Planets not included with purchase. We would love to have included them – but the shipping cost was out of this world!

The Extreme Screamer comes with everything you need to make it go:
  • The complete Extreme Screamer including two 2-liter plastic pop bottles
  • rocket launcher
  • rocket pump

If you already have a pump, launcher or bottles, you can remove those options below for a discount. down-arrow-tiny

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Product Description

The Extreme Screamer doesn’t actually scream.  It’s you who will be screaming…

…with delight when you see how high this technical marvel flies.

It combines the aerodynamic advantages of both the U15 stretched bottle of the SkyLab Extreme rocket and the low friction ring fin of the High Altitude Pro.

It’s actually the upper stage from our Extreme 2-Stage and Extreme 3-Stage water rocket / pop bottle rocket, with a slightly larger nozzle.  Give it 100 to 200 ml of water, pump it up with a bicycle air pump (or get our excellent Rocket Pump!) and watch it leave the earth far behind.

It’s a scream.


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Extreme Screamer Options

Extreme Screamer w/ Pump + Launcher + Bottles, Extreme Screamer + Launcher, Extreme Screamer only


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