Ozone Probe


The Ozone Probe comes with everything you need to make it go:
  • The complete Ozone Probe Rocket including two 2-liter plastic pop bottles
  • booster stage bottle with interstage release and bumpers already installed
  • rocket launcher
  • rocket pump

If you already have a pump, launcher or bottles, you can remove those options below for a discount.down-arrow-tiny

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Product Description

This is our easiest two-stage water rocket.  Still, it presents a much bigger technical challenge than our single-stage rockets.  It’s best to gain some experience with the SkyLab or High Altitude Pro before attempting to send one of these up.

The bottom stage accelerates the rocket to flying speed and then drops out at about 30 feet off the ground.  Then the upper stage takes over and keeps going up for a long, long time.  This is the ideal pop bottle rocket for serious rocket scientists (past, present or future).

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Ozone Probe w/ Pump + Launcher + Bottles, Ozone Probe + Launcher, Ozone Probe only